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Your Body's Got Your Back!

Looking after your body, so your body can look after YOU.
Our leaflet for kids and teens gives tips on how to get their natural immunity in top shape to ward off bugs, colds and flu heading into winter. It just makes SENSE.

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Our natural health webpage for kids

Vaccinate or Wait? The Covid vaccine and 5-11 year olds

From 1st April the Covid vaccine program is being extended to all 5-11 year olds in England. What’s best for the health and safety of your child? Our new leaflet will help you to make a better informed decision.

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Should You have the Covid-19 Vaccine? Q&A leaflet

Covid-19 vaccines are being offered to 12-15 year-olds.
You may feel bombarded by information and under pressure at school.
It’s important to balance out any benefits of the vaccine with any risks when making a decision.
This leaflet presents important questions and answers for parents and their children.

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Parent information leaflet

Please download and share our parent information leaflet widely.

We are aware of other leaflets in circulation carrying the SafertoWait logo, hashtag and slogan. However, we only endorse the ones on our site. 

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Your Child, Your Choice

This leaflet was not produced by the Safer to Wait team, however we endorse its message and encourage you to share it.

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It’s safer to wait