Short excerpt from Dr. Ros Jones’ presentation to the World Council For Health concerning the risks vs benefits of the Covid vaccine for kids. Her full presentation can be found here.

How did Pfizer recruit kids for its Covid-19 vaccine trial? Why was a New York hospital running an ad to bring in children? Watch this video and find out.

A quick Q&A for parents-to-be: How much do we really know about the effect of the Covid jab on pregnant mothers and their babies? See our new pregnancy page for a deeper dive.

EDIT: Since the production of this video we have been made aware of statements from other government health bodies that clearly contradict the quote we include from the MHRA report. Additionally, in the meantime a note has been added to the report stating that, despite the claim it was updated in Aug 2022, for the most part, this wasn’t actually the case. Clearly then this was a case of governmental incompetence and muddled communication, at best. Our position remains unchanged: There is NOT currently the evidence to show that these vaccines are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Dr Clare Craig explains why the FDA should NOT have granted approval for roll-out in the 6 month to 4 yr old children cohort.

Dr. Kat Lindley highlights risks vs benefits of Covid vaccines at the FDA’s EUA application hearing for 0-5 year olds.

A Better Way – Why do thousands of doctors & scientists now believe that, for your child, it’s Safer To Wait?

STOP! – The Safer to Wait Kids Choir drop some science! Before vaccinating your child, STOP! Think it over.

Holly shares some of her thoughts about Covid and the vaccine. We’re told we should all get the jab, we’re told it’s ‘safe & effective’. The facts tell a different story. Watch…and think!

A Q&A for parents. How much do you know about one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies?

On 24th February, a panel of British professors, doctors and medical experts from the Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Group (CCVAG) presented new evidence to journalists about the unfavourable risk-benefit balance of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine for children.

US Governor Ron DeSantis hosts a roundtable with physicians nationwide on ending the COVID theatre.

Dr Anthony Hinton – Should we be vaccinating children against Covid-19?

Irish Council for Human Rights. A number of prominent Irish doctors expressing their concerns about administering the Covid vaccine to children.

Collette Martin, R.N, testifying at a Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee hearing. Her hospital is witnessing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, encephalopathy and heart arrhythmia following COVID vaccination. She’s seeing “more children die from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself.”

More Harm Than Good – The Pfizer Inoculations For Covid-19. PDF of the slide show can be found here.

Dr. Robert Malone on vaccinating Children. Dr. Malone is a leading researcher and inventor of the liposomal mRNA vaccine technology currently being used in the Covid-19 vaccines being administered to children.
A PDF transcript of the speech can be viewed and downloaded here.

Informed Consent. A doctor shares some information about the Covid vaccine with 5 year old Julie.

Not For Our Sake. A message from a group of senior doctors and scientists, all with decades of experience.

Dr. Peter Doshi, associate editor of the BMJ discusses some of the scientific facts of the Covid vaccines vs what’s being claimed.

Dr. Josh Guetzkow on the 26/10/21 FDA advisory panel meeting, regarding expanding the vaccination program to younger children.

PANDA – All risk. Zero Benefit.
Why children and young people should not get the covid-19 vaccines.

Video outlining some of the risks to children from the covid-19 vaccines.

Sir Christopher Chope MP addressing the Vaccine Damage Bill in parliament using data from the Yellow Card reporting system.

This animation walks viewers through a long list of questions about the COVID vaccines.

Dr Ros Jones on the balance of risk of the vaccines versus the risk of Covid itself in children.

Safer to Wait campaign promotional video.